The Near East Policy Forum (NEPF) is an independent academic platform that provides in-depth analysis of contemporary and emerging issues in the Levant, North Africa, Arabian Peninsula, and Central Asia regions. The forum publishes on a range of issues covering politics, economics, security, international relations, and society. NEPF aims to provide clear and original analysis from leading experts in the region and beyond. 

Working in association with the ​Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies​ (CAIS) at the Australian National University (ANU), NEPF aims to deliver analysis on the Middle East and Central Asia for policymakers, security analysts, international investors, academics and researchers. The views expressed in this forum are those of the individual authors and do not represent the views of NEFP, CAIS, or the ANU. Publications are subject to a rigorous editorial process that includes double-blind peer-review. They are open access and published under the Creative Commons License unless otherwise stated. Images used, however, may be subject to copyright.

NEPF’S Objectives

Connect Australia and the broader Asia-Pacific region to the Middle East & Central Asia by providing quality, peer-reviewed policy analysis

Act as an intermediary platform for emerging and expert voices from and on the Middle East & Central Asia

Become the go-to online publication in the Asia Pacific region for contemporary analysis on the Middle East & Central Asia

To contribute to NEPF, or if you have any questions, please contact the editors at

We welcome submissions from policy makers, academics, and researchers focusing on the Middle East & Central Asia, as well as junior and early career researchers. A particular emphasis will be on voices from the region, with a secondary focus on policy makers, academics, and researchers based in Australia.

Submission Guidelines :

  1. The maximum length of submissions is 900 words.
  2. Submissions should be written in an objective and analytical style for a broad audience and supported by evidence. We also ask that each submission be an original piece of work not already published elsewhere. Op-eds and journalistic pieces will not be accepted.
  3. References to be used in hyperlinked format.
  4. All submissions have to pass double-blind peer reviews and rigorous editing. 
  5. Occasionally, the forum will feature special in-depth analysis of 2500-3000 words. Please send your proposal to our editors at ​​. 
  6. Suggested titles are welcome, although NEPF reserves the right to choose the appropriate title in consultation with the author.
  7. NEPF reserves the right to reject publications if they do not meet the above-outlined criteria.